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Happy New Year to All!
May 2015 be your Best Year Ever!!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 17 to 23, 2014 forecvast

November 17 to 23, 2014
By Pam Younghans
Now, on with this week's forecast:
WE'RE WRAPPING UP some important lessons this week. On Tuesday, two days before our New Moon in Sagittarius, there is a Saturn-Sun alignment in Scorpio.
Saturn is never one to be frivolous. This is the planet that represents the concepts of responsibility, discipline, and patience. As Saturn transits each sign of the zodiac, we are called to embody new levels of maturity and realism related to the themes of that sign.
AS SATURN has journeyed through Scorpio for the past two years, it has required us to take responsibility for our deepest desires, our needs for control and power, and our motivations, compulsions, and addictions. And, since Scorpio rules the processes of death and rebirth, some have found their lessons to be in this area of the human experience, either literally or on psychological and emotional levels.
As the Sun and Saturn conjoin on Tuesday, we come face-to-face with some of the lessons noted in the paragraph above. This is an important opportunity for self-acceptance, as we see hidden or disowned aspects of our psyches reflected back to us by the people and events in our lives.
Once we have owned a truth about ourselves, we have a clear choice of next steps, based on the animals traditionally associated with Scorpio.
SCORPIO is the only sign of the zodiac that has two accepted animal symbols: the Scorpion and the Eagle (or Phoenix, in some traditions). This gives us important clues as to our options this week.
One option is to stay attached to an old definition of who we are, remaining in the darkness that has been uncovered. This would be the choice of the Scorpion, who hides under rocks and stings when revealed.
The other option is to choose the way of the Eagle, who flies high above the landscape. From its vantage point, the Eagle can see both the darkness and the light, but does not judge or cling to either. The Eagle represents clarity of vision and purpose, and shows us that the higher we go, the more we can release defining ourselves or others by choices of the past -- even the past of only yesterday.
THE CLEARING and release work that we do early in the week can enable us to begin the new lunar cycle with what feels like a much cleaner slate. Our New Moon on Saturday occurs less than three hours after the Sun enters Sagittarius, emphasizing the theme of opening anew to the adventure of life.
There are many different systems that assign symbolic images to each degree of the zodiac. I quote from the Sabian symbols quite a bit in this journal, but I also like other, more modern systems.
Astrologer Martin Goldsmith, in his book The Zodiac by Degrees, gives this image for the first degree of Sagittarius, where our New Moon is on Saturday:
"On a steep bluff, army veterans reminisce around a dying campfire while their leader surveys the countryside by the light of the rising sun."
The descriptive phrases for this image, which we can relate to the purposes of the lunar cycle that begins next weekend, includes:
"Looking toward new possibilities when an old trip is burnt out; setting clear goals that challenge one's best talents; figuring out which life battles really matter; ignoring unimportant problems and strengthening one's heart for the fight ahead; instigating collective action based on a clear vision of the future; cooperation and comradeship based on shared ideals; long-range plans and foresight; periodically reassessing one's progress toward grander goals."
THIS IS CERTAINLY a time to be looking forward rather than to the past. Pluto and Uranus have been doing a very good job of dismantling the old structures, so it is up to us to create new foundations for the future. With the Sun in Sagittarius until December 21, those foundations will be most successful if they are based on what we truly believe in, and what adds greater meaning to our lives.
One last note about this week -- Chiron stations direct next Sunday, so there is an added emphasis on healing now. Chiron in Pisces reveals where we hold fear instead of trust, and where we may choose self-sacrifice rather than unconditional love.
As Chiron is at a standstill this week, we are supported in embracing that wounded aspect of self, taking the fearful child into our hearts, to that place where only Trust, Love, and Healing can abide.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE dominates the astrological news this week. All eclipses activate important changes and developments, and this one is especially potent in that regard.

First off, and most notably, the Moon is less than one degree away from Uranus at the time of the eclipse. This close proximity means that the Uranian themes of awakening, unexpected developments, rebellion against the status quo, originality, and invention are woven into the fabric of the lunation. 

Looking at that list of themes associated with Uranus, it is easy to see how this planet's influence corresponds with times of both breakthrough and breakdown, as mentioned in last week's Journal.

THE POSITIVE POTENTIALS of the breakthrough are supported in other components in the eclipse chart: Uranus in Aries is trine (120 degrees away from) both Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, forming a Grand Fire Trine. This configuration provides support for creative visioning and inspired (or impulsive) action.

And, very importantly, with the Sun positioned exactly opposite the Moon/Uranus, a more rare configuration called a Kite is formed. This represents a lot of energy stirring, that wants to be expressed and utilized, that finds it hard to sit still. 

ONE BY ONE, here's how the planets in the Kite configuration are assisting us:
Uranus/Moon in Aries: Providing the courage, insight, and self-focus needed to help us break away from restraints and limitations 
Jupiter in Leo: Expanding our self-confidence and optimism, encouraging us to live a life of joy and personal fulfillment 
Mars in Sagittarius: Igniting the fires of conviction and belief in what we know to be true, and providing the energy to take on new challenges and adventures 
Sun in Libra: Providing a foundation of balance and harmony, the ability to work with others to create win-win outcomes, and an emphasis on fairness and justice -- and, as the only representative of an air sign, helping us maintain some objectivity in the midst of all that fiery energy of the grand trine
ASTROLOGER BIL TIERNEY writes that a Kite configuration, when found in a natal chart, is "a dynamic indicator of success in life." 

Although a chart for an eclipse is not interpreted exactly the same as a chart for a new baby, there are some commonalities in that both are "birth charts" of a moment in time. Both show the potentials that are ready to express themselves -- one during the course of a lifetime, and the other in the unfolding of an eclipse cycle, which lasts for the six months that follow the date of the eclipse. 

Tierney also explains that the Kite expands the potentials of the Grand Fire Trine:
"[The Kite] serves to heighten our awareness of the Grand Trine's vast creative or spiritual potential, encouraging a fuller activation of its promise within a wider range of circumstancial experience. The Kite may actually be more versatile in its creative application, since it encourages eagerness of self-expression plus provides ample opportunities for such expression."
AS ALWAYS, the planetary energies that affect all of us are brought into personal focus by relating them to our individual birth charts. To find clues as to the effects of this Kite Eclipse in your personal life, the first step is to find where the planets in the Kite are located in relation to your birth chart. 

It is especially important to locate 15 degrees of Aries (the location of the Moon/Uranus) and, exactly opposite, 15 degrees of Libra (the location of the Sun):
The natal house where you find 15 degrees of Aries indicates the area of your life where special talents and skills are ready to be awakened, embraced, and utilized. 
The natal house where you find 15 degrees of Libra indicates the area of your life where events and circumstances will act as a catalyst to help you seek out those talents and skills.
And then, finding the houses that contain 15 degrees of Sagittarius and Leo, the other fire signs in the grand trine, will provide more insights as to what areas of life are calling for you to take a quantum leap. 

THE CHART for the Lunar Eclipse does include some challenges, however. The energies of the Pluto-Uranus square are stimulated by the lunation, so some changes will feel disruptive until we can shift our expectations and perspective enough to accept their purposes.

Venus is particularly involved here, being almost exactly square (90 degrees away from) Pluto. Venus rules relationships, values and financial matters, so we may be especially aware of conflicts in these areas of our lives. 

Powerful, instinct-driven, compulsive reactions can be triggered by Pluto. These are often indicators of emotional patterns that have control of us. These patterns need us to shine the light of higher awareness upon them so that we can see them for what they are.

SATURN also plays an important role in this eclipse chart, by being aligned with Ceres in Scorpio. The joining of these two emphasizes the need to gain greater self-discipline in our monitoring of inner negativity. 

Saturn, as always, is the lesson-bringer, and the voice of the Cosmic Parent. The ringed planet in Scorpio is telling us that it is time to be honest with ourselves about the emotional energy we emanate, and to take responsibility for transforming that energy as needed.

IF YOU'RE THINKING that this eclipse sounds like a powerful one, I heartily agree! Overall, it feels like there are great potentials for positive developments, but some bumps in the road at the same time. And, we are aware that all change, whether our minds call it "good" or "bad," registers high on the stress scale.

So remember to get plenty of sleep this week. Our minds and bodies will be needing lots of rest and rejuvenation time from dealing with these heightened energies.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Equinox and New Moon - September 2014

This is my tonight's radio interview on "Second Sight" Radio where we discuss the Fall Equinox of September 22nd, and the coming New Moon on September 24, as well as the qualities of the sign of Libra,  and many other topics. Thank you for listening